Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Rattle and Hum"

One of my Dale Carnegie participants in Defiance last night talked about how he handled a customer who was concerned about a "rattle" in their car. It was an excellent example of how to handle a person when they are potentially stressed and "disgruntled." He understood that the customer was concerned about her car performing well and she new that if there was a "rattle", there likely was a problem that could affect performance. His empathy helped him keep that customer a customer.

It caused us all in the class to reflect on how we treat people in business. Businesses tend to be accustomed to investing in the maintenance of their equipment. If a machine starts to "rattle", it gets maintenance quickly because the business cannot afford for that machine to be down. It makes good business sense to invest in this activity. Ideally, the business wants to maintain the equipment BEFORE a "rattle" shows up.

But what about the business' people? If they don't get "maintenance", don't they also start to "rattle"? Wouldn't it make just as good business sense to invest in the continuous maintenance of its people? After all, they are the business' biggest asset.

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