Saturday, January 30, 2010

To See or Not to See...

I met with an organization the other day that was concerned about the performance of its supervisors and second level managers. According to the company, these supervisors and managers where missing deadlines, not participating in meetings, avoiding "people problems" in their direct reports, and generally showing no innovation. The morale throughout the company was poor. The opinion at the top of the organization was that the performance was the result of poor training. That's why they came to me.

The company wanted to hear my ideas for training. But before I started, I asked for a tour of the facility. During the tour, I asked them questions about their product, their processes, and anything else that struck me as we walked around...with the exception of training. What I learned was that the company had just recently announced the acquisition of another company in a different state. They told me, rather proudly, that they only had one meeting for the employees and that was about 5 months ago. I asked about what they covered at the meeting and they said that they tried to keep it simple and only gave out "what the employees needed to know." Specifically, the company told the employees that the acquisition should be complete within the year and that it "shouldn't" affect the jobs at this location. I learned that the meeting was not attended by the President of the company. Rather, the VP of Human Resources lead the meeting. I would later learn that there was not generally a good relationship between this HR person and the rank and file.

Do you wish to guess when the performance issues started to show up?

More tomorrow...

Monday, January 25, 2010


You may have noticed a subtle change to the header of The Strategic Leader blog. Over the last couple years, I have been helping businesses and individuals develop their people into effective leaders and coaches through Dale Carnegie. While I am not abandoning Carnegie, I am starting a new phase of my career today.

Harben Leadership and Management Consulting (HLMC) is a full-service consulting firm dedicated to developing strategic leadership in organizations. Services include analysis, customized training development and delivery, and executive coaching. Keynote talks are available on a variety of subjects including leadership development, creating alignment, mentoring/coaching, team building, strategic planning and customer service. Seminars are available for a 1 hour session at a meeting all the way up to full day sessions.

To inquire about my services, please send me an email and I will respond right away!

I look forward to becoming a part of your success!