Saturday, November 5, 2011

LeaderLab: A wonderful resource for Leadership Theory

David Burkus is a friend of mine as well as a member of my cohort at Regent University. Last year, he created a resource that he envisioned would develop into a clearinghouse of ideas and discourse in the area of leadership theory. That site, LeaderLab, has become just that. 
At LeaderLab, you can download papers written by students and practitioners of leadership theory as well as share commentary about those works. In addition, David provides reviews of some of the latest books on the subject matter. 

For those interested in academic works, David and other Regent University students and alumni have teamed up to create a new peer-reviewed journal called the Strategic Leadership Review. This innovative new scholarly journal will feature works in the following areas:

§ Leadership
§ Followership
§ Motivation
§ Management
§ Strategy
§ Innovation
§ Organizational behavior

If you are interested in leadership theory and its current applications, please visit LeaderLab and the Strategic Leadership Review!

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