Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time to demand ethics from our leaders!

If we don't demand ethical behavior,
we deserve what we get!
Tonight is election night. It should be one of the most exciting nights of the year. It is the night that each of us has a say in the future of our town, our state, and our country. Unfortunately, many many people choose to stay home. They feel that their vote doesn't count and they are completely uninspired by the crop of candidates that exist. I feel their pain.

I voted tonight. I wasn't happy about my choices but I voted. Here in my small town, I found an example of why people just don't care about the political process anymore--and why politicians continue to have some of the lowest ratings in terms of respect and ethical standards of any profession out there. I blame political "advisors" as much as I blame the politicians. Actually, the politicians bear more blame because they don't HAVE to listen to political advisors.

One of the young men running for office tried to bolster his credentials. I am certain this was on the advise of a political advisor...but I cannot prove it. I just like to think that the young man was naive and trusted an experienced advisor. It's understandable to try to make yourself look as appealing as possible, but this young man held himself out to be a "corporate executive." In letters he wrote in the local paper, in mailings from "the party," and in a debate, this young man continued to boast that he was an "executive with the (blank) corporation." What image does that convey? What would you think his stature in that company would be? What does that imply about his level of experience? That's exactly what it was meant to convey...and it would be inaccurate. Unfortunately, few in the electorate choose to dig any deeper.

The thing is, this young man will likely win tonight. However, I think he would have won even if he hadn't lied (ahem...gave a false impression) about the nature of the position in his company. I would have liked to like him but...

In the end, I didn't vote for him. I voted for someone who probably is less qualified for the job--but who was completely honest about himself throughout the campaign. I am comfortable with that choice. I wish more would make choices like that...

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